Reinhard Köhler

The Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics (BQL) comprises more than 6500 titles from all areas of quantitative linguistic research. Publications have been included without restrictions regarding form, place, language, and date of publication.

This bibliography thus provides, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of, and easy bibliographical access to, publications in quantitative linguistics, a linguistic discipline characterized by its rapid and promising scientific development, and its increasing significance for most branches of theoretical and applied language studies.

The bibliography consists of: an introduction and instructions for use; a main section containing more than 6500 titles, which is subdivided in 28 thematic classes, each forming a chapter; an index of authors; an index of keywords from titles; indices of subject headings and subheadings; an index of uncontrolled vocabulary; an index of languages investigated; an index of reviewed publications. All texts and indices are in English, German and Russian.

About the Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics

The first plans for and work on a bibliography of quantitative linguistics began in 1981, under the pressure of the increasing interest in this area of research world-wide. The aim of attaining broadest possible coverage of QL publications, without restrictions as to time, space, and form of publication, together with the aim of being up-to-date (and interruptions of several years) motivates the comparatively long time that has elapsed from the beginning of our work until the date of publication.

Nevertheless, the original aim has been reached only partially: We were not able to evaluate each title in autopsy, some items could not be traced, and some mistakes could not be corrected in time. In the course of the project, the emphasis was shifted from completeness and correctness to the wish to provide those who work, teach, or study within the field of QL with a useful bibliography as soon as possible. The result was a compromise: We stopped entering at the beginning of this year - regardless of the resulting particular incompleteness and underrepresentation of recent publications and certain countries. Then incomplete and definitely incorrect bibliographical material in our data base was filtered out and omitted from the printed form.

However, some errors and incomplete entries remained, which we considered tolerable in view of the aim. Another point which had to be postponed is the desirable revision of the thesaurus, which had grown over more than ten years. We nevertheless took this difficult decision, hoping that the aforementioned limitations will not cause severe restrictions to retrieval possibilities.

Bibliographical data collection was done on the basis of original literature, as well as information from authors in the framework of a special enquiry, and the following bibliographies:

  1. Guiraud, P.: Bibliographie critique de la statistique linguistique. Utrecht, 1954.
  2. Girke, W.; Jachnow, H.; Schrenk, J.: Handbibliographie zur neueren Linguistik in Osteuropa. München, 1974.
  3. Dolezel, L. (Hrsg.): Kvantitativní lingvistika 1962. Novinky literatury. Jazykoveda, literarní veda, 10/1964.
  4. Dolezel, L. (Hrsg.): Kvantitativní lingvistika 1963. Novinky literatury. Jazykoveda, literarní veda, 2/1965.
  5. Billmeier, G.; Krallmann, D.: Bibliographie zur Statistischen Linguistik. (IKP (Institut für Kommunikationsforschung und Phonetik der Universität Bonn) - Forschungsbericht ; 69-3)
  6. Arzikulov, Ch.A.; Sadcikova, P.V.: Statistika reci 1973-1985. Samarkand, 1985.
  7. Sadcikova, P.V.: Statistika reci 1985-1991. Cimkent u.a., 1992.
  8. Cizakovskij, V.A.; Bektaev, K.B.: Statistika reci 1957-1985 . Kisinev, 1986.

As far as possible, each item has been checked, corrected, and completed by inspection of the original works. The contents of the BQL database in its state of June 1993 have been published in book form:

Reinhard Köhler (with the assistance of Christiane Hoffmann): Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics (Bibliographie der quantitativen Linguistik; Bibliografija po kvantitativnoj lingvistike). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins 1995. xlv, 780pp.

All texts and indices are in English, German, and Russian.